We’ve been keeping busy.

It’s been said the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. Well, that axiom rings true in other industries as well. Like when you’re a cutting-edge marketing firm that caters to only the best and most successful companies, NGOs, and non-profits in the country.

We’ve been spending all of our ‘quality time’ on our customer’s projects, leaving precious little to spend on our own website. But, with the recent additions to our stable of clientele, our crack team of user experience gurus, designers, and other strategists, we have turned our attention, at last, to the construction of an all-new site, from the ground-up, that will be worthy of the work we do for our clients, made with the wholesome goodness of 100% recycled electrons.

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Check back here for updates to O’Neill Marketing’s business divisions and affiliate updates. We are excited about out new site design! It’s gonna be awesome.