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We Wish to Thank All Our Clients for the Opportunities & Successes They Bring to OMC!



Animal Welfare Health Catalogs Major Gifts Premium Mailings
Charitable Fundraising Health Publishing Membership/Assoc. Sweepstakes
Veteran’s Fundraising Investment Offers Recreation/ Leisure Lead Generation
Children's Charities Boating/Fishing Regional Charities Email-Marketing
Advocacy Fundraising Biz Opp Publishing Affinity Programs Agency Consulting
Christian Charities Seniors Products B2B - Subs/ Product Events/Seminars

Accuracy in the Media fundraising advocacy
Angler BOAT/US Insurance Services consumer fishing
Angler BOAT/US Membership consumer fishing
Angler BOAT/US Membership Email consumer fishing
Army National Guard  recruiting military
Army National Guard Email Marketing recruiting military
Black American Patriots Foundation fundraising historic preserv.
BOAT/U.S. Catalog/Retail catalog boating
BOAT/U.S. Insurance Services  consumer boating
BOAT/U.S. Membership consumer boating
BOAT/U.S. Membership Email consumer boating
Bongarde Media – Safety Smart US & Canada business publishing
Born Free USA uw Animal Protection Inst.  fundraising animal welfare
Boys Clubs/Girls Clubs  fundraising children
Cash Galore! Sweepstakes consumer sweeps
Castleton Horse Rescue fundraising animal welfare
Celtic Sea Salt - Catalog catalog seniors health
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum fundraising historic preserv.
Christian Action Network fundraising faith based
Coalition to Salute America's Heroes Email fundraising veteran's
Christian Seniors Association  fundraising  seniors 
Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation fundraising historic preserv.
Disabled Veterans National Found. NASWVC fundraising veteran's
Dream Chaser Enterprises children's continuity
Dynamic Silicon publishing  investment
Empower America fundraising advocacy
English First fundraising advocacy
Exotic Cat Refuge/Wildlife  fundraising animal welfare
Federation of Amer. Immigration Reform Email fundraising advocacy
Federation of American Immigration Reform fundraising advocacy
Fidelis Email fundraising faith based
Freedom Works  fundraising advocacy
Front Range Equine Rescue fundraising animal welfare
Gilder Publishing Conferences International business conference
Gospel Rescue Ministries fundraising faith based
Healthy Essentials - AARP Pharmacy Catalog consumer seniors health
Heartbeat International fundraising faith based
Help Hospitalized Veterans  fundraising veteran's
HorseNet - Horse Rescue fundraising animal welfare
Huber Mills Digital Power  publishing  investment
Ideal Resources catalog collectible
LifeSavers Horse Rescue  fundraising animal welfare
Lincoln Inst. Research & Education fundraising advocacy
Lions, Tigers and Bears fundraising animal welfare
Magazine-of-the-Month publishing  publishing
Manhattan Institute high dollar MAJOR GIFTS
Mission Possible fundraising children
National Association of Terminally Ill fundraising children
National Veterans Foundation  fundraising veteran's
Nat'l Assoc. of Uniformed Services membership veteran
Nat'l Assoc.of State Women Veterans Co-Ord. fundraising veteran's
Nat'l Ctr. for Public Policy Research fundraising advocacy
Nat'l Rep. Congressional Committee fundraising advocacy
Navy League membership veteran
Parents Television Council fundraising faith based
Peaceful Valley Rescue  fundraising animal welfare
People Helping Horses fundraising animal welfare
POWERCOSM   business conference
Reagan Ranch/YAF high dollar MAJOR GIFTS
Redwing Horse Sanctuary fundraising animal welfare
Republican Governors  Association fundraising advocacy
Republican National Committee fundraising advocacy
Reserve Officers Association membership veteran
Spirit of America Tour fundraising veteran
Supply Side Investor - Gilder publishing  investment
Swanson's Health Products product seniors health
The Watchful Shepherd fundraising children
United Seniors Association membership seniors
United States Deputy Sherriff's Association fundraising service 
US Border Control fundraising advocacy
Western States Reporter Sweepstakes consumer sweeps























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